Taking control of your life



  • We are really keen to develop a provision offering guidance and support to individuals, from all walks of life, to build up the confidence and ambition to make personal changes for the better.
  •  Our customers will be anyone keen to improve on their current situation however the target groups including those from deprived backgrounds will take priority over the more affluent. What is on offer initially is coaching, access to resources, networking with key players in society and referral to support organisations who can offer more in depth support for with more immediate needs.
  • We want to convey a message of 100% endeavour for the cause, including a culture of integrity and quality. We will have a web presence available web presence for 24 hour support and where possible offer support where humanly possible on a priority basis.
  •  Our products and services includes having a web presence, the chance to attend a monthly meeting at a neutral venue inviting guest speakers from a range of industry experts whilst coordinating group activities. There will also be a toolkit on the website which includes CV and cover letter builders, eBooks and then subsequently audio books and podcasts.
Taking Control of Your Life